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Certified safety – the TÜV Service Check

In cooperation with the Deutsche Kinderschutzbund and TÜV NORD, common certification criteria for checking family friendly accommodation in our Familotel cooperation have been created, with children and families both being included in the process.

For families, holiday is a particularly important time of joint relaxation and recuperation, as well as adventure and experiences for and with the children. Nobody wants to lose this most valuable time of the year with stress and deceptive packages when it comes to child friendly service and safety. We therefore considered it high time that a reliable seal of quality for this type of accommodation was set up.

When child friendly service and safety are advertised, then they should also be offered – with the checks from TÜV NORD in line with the criteria of the DKSB, this aim is practised and made achievable in the Feldberger Hof.

The Familotel companies, particularly the Feldberger Hof, were the first businesses to have been subjected to these new strict checks. As a result, for the first time, hotels in different countries are being subjected to the same checks: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Hungary are all subject to the same strict assessment of their particular suitability for families with children.
More information on the TÜV certification can be found at

The Familotel Feldberger Hof achieved an outstanding certification rating of 99 points in its last certification check.