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Crèche „Happy’s Bergzwerge“: Big for the Small Ones

  • In our children’s world „Happy’s Kinderwelt“ a crèche awaits the small ones, where experienced employees look after them with sensitive care.
  • All play areas are separated based on age.
  • (Crèche 1 to 2,9 years of age)

Excitement and Relaxation, Our Mantra: Yin and Yang for the Children!

Jovial playing, then rest. Being creative on your own, or having fun as a group. Anyone as they choose, we offer an extensive program where each of your children will find something which does them good.

Big plus at the Feldberger Hof: every child is important

We take care of each child individually. Depending on age and number of children, the group is split in such a way that the children get along well which allows attentive care for all children.

The child care is there for you all year on 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday for at least 4 hours per day during the our open hours. Please register your child for the next day, latest on the previous day before 6 p.m. in the children’s world „Kinderwelt“.

Please understand that we cannot offer the services „bottle-feeding“ or “providing food“ because it is not covered by our insurance. Additionally, experience shows that every child has individual eating habits, which we cannot take into consideration.

Child care for toddlers in the Feldberger Hof
“Happy's Kinderland“ crèche
A real paradise for children between 1 and 2 years of age.