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Our familotel

Speed, Action and a lot of Ski Happenings

From the comfortable magic carpet “Zauberteppich” for the small ones to the Speed Arena for the fast ones. Here it is measured how fast they swish to the valley. The Feldberg is a great snow mountain with so many options to have fun on the slopes.

From the Hotel Directly to the Children’s Ski World “Ski-Kinderland” at the Feldberg

Just step out of the front door of the family hotel Feldberger Hof and off we go! There, our partner, the sports school „Sportschule Thoma“, offers professional ski classes for children from the age of 4. The special feature is their children’s ski world „Ski-Kinderland”! In the play arena „Spielarena“ for beginners, the conveyor „Zauberteppich“ offers the special skiing fun, that is a delight for every child. Also the two school-owned children’s lifts are easy to use and offer pure joy!

The children‘s ski world „Kinderland“ can be visited as part of the children’s ski classes! All information about the ski courses can be found at our Ski school “Skischule Thoma".

Ski school „Skischule Thoma“
With the magic carpet „Zauberteppich“ even using the lifts is fun
Professional ski classes for children from the age of 4

That’s What the Fast Ones Like

In the action arena, ski aces can weave around goals and buoys, this way weaving and turning becones real fun. Just give it a try!

The speed arena measures, how fast they speed down the slope. Speed counts.

A cool children’s parcourse for ski kids: leap over ski jumps, try the wave run or rush down the slope in slalom– also here you’ll find an action program!

Skiing in figures is one of many options in the children’s world “Kinderland”.