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From the Age of 4: Swimming Course „Flipper“ where You Get the Hang of It

The added bonus you get from your holidays: your child can swim for a few strokes and will never forget it. Become agile like a flipper!

Our „Happy Team“ is eager to teach your child how to swim in a playful way! Our children’s animators of the swimming course „Flipper“ are especially trained for their task and are ready to teach your children their first swimming strokes!

Aim of the course: the children shall learn to do breaststrokes and how to execute their first strokes over a short distance. With this, they are on the safe side. Children of the age of 4 and older can participate.

Good Reasons for a Swimming Course at the Feldberger Hof:

  • Learning and training in a relaxed holiday atmosphere
  • Small groups (max. 5 participants) ensure more efficiency and safety in the course
  • Warm water and a thorough teachings of the course contents are the keys to your children’s learning and swimming success
  • With daily training and exercises, the children learn how to swim 50% faster than at home
  • No long distances, because the course takes place directly at the hotel
Small swimming goups create trust
Relaxed Swimming in warm water
Heads up, flippers!

Course times: Monday to Friday from 8:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Meeting point: 8:40 a.m. in the indoor swimming pool

Price per participant: 40,- €

At the end of the course, the new little swimmers receive a badge and a certificate.

Children will have fun in the water! Thus, the lessons are designed following play-educational principles. Children from 4 years and older are introduced to the water in a playful way, but always following the professional concept of the swimming school “Schwimmschule Flipper”.

After participating in the swimming course, the children can earn the swimming badge. This will cost € 5,00 per child.