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Restaurant & Cafe – Be Our Guest

Let’s go on a culinary journey. From alp pastures to the sea and from the North Sea to the Adriatic coast.

The Feldberger Hof is home to many cuisines. Of course everything is cooked deliciously and the menu has always something new to offer.

„Bergdörfli Silva Nigra”

Its rustic country-style makes this restaurant and its rooms so comfortable. It is designed in the style of a chalet and offers the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a good wine from Baden together with a regional or international dish.


A large buffet awaits you in our main restaurant. Here, you can enjoy high-quality delicacies in a classy atmosphere full of classical paintings. An artist from Freiburg painted them more than 100 years ago with reference to poems of Johann-Peter Hebel.           


Magnificent views into nature, into the summer countryside and into the winter snow. Here, the whole family eats together. The young guests can pass the time in a beautiful play corner.

„Cafe Chocolate“

Delicacies for everyone with a sweet tooth: in this imaginatively furnished Cafe you get delicious chocolate specialties as well as breakfast or diner. Our apple strudel melts on your tongue. With or without vanilla ice cream.

High-class buffet at the “Hebelstube”
Indulge happily in our meals
The bright „Wintergarten“

„Fanny’s“: the Unique Restaurant

„Fanny’s“ is our 4-stars grill in every season.  The restaurant is colorful and imaginative, the children’s “Tic-Tac bar” is a highlight for our younger guests (Closed on Saturday or Sunday)

Why „Fanny’s“?

Fanny Mayer was the first owner of the Feldberger Hof and was also known as the „mother of the Feldberg“. And in the same way as Fanny Mayer had character, so does our restaurant.

That’s what the inside looks like:

Classy and comfortable. Centuries-old Austrian shingles, , with cowhide upholstered benches, colorful cuckoo clocks on the walls. This is the home of the Südschwarzwald, the southern Black Forest.

Hot Stones, hissing grills

On the hot stones, built into the tables, you can have a barbeque with your family in a comfortable atmosphere and compose your own menu.

"A small boat will come along"

Small boats sail past loaded with deliciously filled plates. Kids, you just have to reach out your hand!
Full of expectations, our small guests sit around a basin, while boats filled with vegetables, French fries or pasta float by. Funny cows look down from above. So this way everything tastes even better.

Where do you „tick“ right?

In the children’s “Tic-Tac bar“! It got its name from the many funny and colourful cockoo’s clocks on the walls. The cockoo’s clocks are typical for the Schwarzwald, as is the „Bollenhut“, a hat decorated with many red balls.

Enjoy your stay together at our family-event restaurant “Fanny’s”! 

„Fanny’s“ event restaurant
Fondue or Barbeque directly at the table
Enjoy your dinner in this imaginative atmosphere

Water Is Life

That is why outstanding water quality is a must for us. As a result, we purify our water throughout the entire hotel using the special process in the line with original Grander technology! You can find out more at: