Our familotel
Our familotel

The "Hasenstall"

Those who spends all day on the ski slopes or on the hicking trails need a beer to cool down, a casual atmosphere and some lively music. You won’t get Après-Ski or "Biergarten" at home after all. Once a year you can party the night away in your ski suit or enjoy good food in a charming atmosphere.

Charming "Après-Ski" and "Biergarten" in casual atmosphere 

The furniture, which is sourced from a 300 year old farmhouse, make this bar so charmingly rustic. Divine, rustic!
The "Hasenstall" is available for a separate cash payment on site and not within the scope of the booked meals.

In summer the Hasenstall becomes a cosy "Feldberg beer garden" with delicious waffles, cool drinks and tasty snacks.
Simply take a look at our menu.

  • Open from approx. June until November

In winter: "D' Hase-Stall" (Après-Skibar) 100 m away from the hotel directly at the ski slope in the valley station of the chairlift.

  • Opening hours: 09.30 bis 18.00 Uhr

Party until early morning in the nearby town

Everyone who wants to party the night away, finds further Après-Ski bars such as the „Himalaya Lodge“, the „Südhang“, the „Ranger Schirm“ and the pub „O’je“ in the town Feldberg-Ort (approx. 1km from the Feldberg).