Our familotel
Our familotel

Climbing & playing - adventures around the hotel

Couch potatoes come to life in such exciting surroundings. You rarely ever played in such exciting surroundings. If you like it quirky and funky, then this is the right place for you.

Adventure playgrounds: action in the fresh air

Bat cableway, spider web and climbing tree, that’s us and we invite you to play on the nature adventure playground. Try new things and have fun, at home there will be great pictures to showcase!

Best quality play equipment:

All devices are extremely sturdy and made from robinia and oak wood. They are painted with natural colors.

Infant playground

  • Slide
  • Sandbox with toys
  • Climbing scaffold and swings

Fear of heights, what's that?

At the spider web also the smallest ones can test their balance.

Sure-Footed Through the Climbing Forest

Well secured all the way to the top! Various routes invite you to climb through the climbing forest at the Feldberg. But never fear, even if it wiggles and wobbels or there is an obstacle in your path. It is exciting and you can master everything step by step.

Tarzan in the Schwarzwald spruces

Youth and adult routes on fast zip lines you speed from tree to tree. The thrill, the adrenaline and the great feeling once you made it through.

With the Hochschwarzwald Card, you can climb the basic route for youths and adults as well as one children’s route once daily for 1 hour for free. You are welcome to climb for a longer time, however every commenced 30 min will cost € 3.00 per person.

About the Hochschwarzwald Card

Playfully learn how to climb

In the children’s routes you can climb from the age of 4 years and older. There is also a zip line for our smallest ones (minimum height is 90 cm). The skyblue route is the highest and longest one and is free for children taller than 1,40 m.

Climbing training

  • With a trainer for children taller than 1.22m (duration ca. 1 hour)
  • Minimum attendance 4 people
  • Dates + registration on-site, at the information board of the hotel
  • Prices: € 45.00 per person/hour, each additional child € 10,00 per hour

Climbing plus for hotel guests

Upon arrival, you receive an additional coupon for the climbing forest which allows you to climb the entire climbing forest once during your stay for 1 more hour for free. When exceeding the time limit, every commenced 30 min. will also cost € 3.00 per person.

If you enjoy climbing so much, you can book additional appointments directly at the climbing forest. With the Hochschwarzwald Card, 1 hour costs € 6.00 per person.

Please understand, that additional costs at the climbing forest cannot be booked onto your hotel tab.

Our tip

In the holiday season and long weekends, we recommend you book your visit to the climbing forest at least 2-3 days in advance.

The gnome path „Wichtelpfad“: 2400 child steps of pure nature

1.8 km long, straight from the Feldberger Hof directly into nature. The gnome path „Wichtelpfad“ is a great path to experience, it is exiting and educational at once.

Walk for 2 hours and get to know the life of the capercaillie and learn about nature from the little gnomes of the forest. The parents can enjoy some artworks designed by regional artists that line the path.

  • Opening hours: June - November (depending on the weather conditions)