Our familotel
Our familotel

Our happy holiday guarantee

As a member of the Familotel cooperation, we ensure you will enjoy the following family-friendly and not to mention seamless services for an all around happy and relaxing holiday.

1. Safety

  • Low traffic location, no through road
  • Infrastructure tailored for families
  • Far-reaching safety precautions for children (e.g. childproof electricity sockets, edge protection and guard rails, doorstops etc.)
  • Certified play areas and leisure facilities, selected toys
  • Short distances: all important facilities for children located in close vicinity
  • Certified with the official TÜV seal "O.K. für Kids"

2. Accomodation

  • Family room with conservatory (Junior suites)
  • Family apartments with two, three or four separate rooms, all with kitchenettes
  • Communal kitchen in the main building, also accessible at night
  • Comfortable atmosphere and furnishings
  • Completely darkenable bedrooms
  • Kitchenette in every family apartment
  • Washing service complete within 24 hours or access to the guest washroom
  • Fixed prices for children

3. Facilities

  • Babyphone
  • Changing table, pad and nappy bin
  • Children’s beds and chairs
  • Baby carriers, prams and buggies
  • High chair and child seats
  • Baby bath, potty, child toilet seat and step stools
  • Bottle warmer
  • Facilities to prepare food
  • Playroom and relaxation areas, breast feeding area
  • Internal hotel play areas maximum 200 m away

4. Child care

  • Leisure, sport and adventure programme
  • Immeidate contact to other children, new friends guaranteed
  • Spacious play room and hotel game library
  • At least two family programme items per week
  • Fun with “Happy” the clown, the Familotel mascot
  • Employees with first aid training especially for small children
  • Paediatricians, chemists and emergency services nearby
  • Individual babysitting for an additional fee

5. Food & drinks

  • Priority service for kids
  • Colourful children’s crockery and bib service
  • Drawing set and pens at the restaurant table
  • Large children’s table
  • All-day drinks and juice bar for the children
  • Largely “Kids all inclusive”
  • Freedom to move within breakfast rooms and restaurants

6. Friendliness

  • Hosts that love children and well-trained employees
  • Fixed contacts for both children and adults
  • Open to individual interests and children’s wishes
  • Officially recognised service quality
  • Baby-friendly and casual atmosphere and dedicated all around organization for relaxed and stress-free holidays
  • Objective hotel rating system using an online guest questionnaire. You can review the rating system here online.
Family apartments with two, three or four separate rooms
Various restaurants and priority service for the kids
Baby and child care included

Certified safety – the TÜV Service Check

For families, holiday is a particularly important time of joint relaxation and recuperation, as well as adventure and experiences for and with the children. Nobody wants to lose this most valuable time of the year with stress and deceptive packages when it comes to child friendly service and safety. We therefore considered it high time that a reliable seal of quality for this type of accommodation was set up.

When child friendly service and safety are advertised, then they should also be offered – with the checks from TÜV NORD in line with the criteria of the DKSB, this aim is practised and made achievable in the Feldberger Hof.

The Familotel companies, particularly the Feldberger Hof, were the first businesses to have been subjected to these new strict checks. As a result, for the first time, hotels in different countries are being subjected to the same checks: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Hungary are all subject to the same strict assessment of their particular suitability for families with children.

The Familotel Feldberger Hof achieved an outstanding certification rating of 99 points in its last certification check.

More information on the TÜV certification can be found here.

Quality, health & safety

When it comes to yourself, your family and your holiday, leave nothing to chance. High quality and reliable safety standards are a must for a family hotel and are non-negotiable. We have always been aware of this responsibility and act on behalf of the wellbeing of our guests on a day-to-day basis.

That is why we have been certified by multiple recognised testing organisations and have all technical and electronic devices and services throughout the hotel tested every two years. Our tap and drinking water is original GRANDER water, which is water invigorated according to the natural process invented by Johann Grander, but also fulfils all the conditions of pure, high quality and non-harmful drinking water in its original form. You can get more information at www.grander.com.

Our certifications also include:

  • Seal of approval “O.K. for Kids” for child-friendly services and products (TÜV Nord und Deutscher Kinderschutzbund)
  • Seal of quality “Service quality level 1” (Prüfstelle ServiceQualität Baden-Württemberg)
  • Seal of quality “Service quality level 2” (Prüfstelle ServiceQualität Baden-Württemberg) from spring 2010
  • DEKRA product certification for all play apparatus and play areas
  • Award winner for most family-friendly hotel

Our hotel also takes a pioneering approach when it comes to safety, with numerous systems in place:

  • Fire detection systems throughout the entire hotel and in all hotel rooms (not in the holiday apartments in the Feldberger Hof)
  • Extensive incident reporting system throughout the entire hotel
  • Defibrillator at reception
  • Daily pool control as well as a monthly analysis of the water quality
  • Medical aid on site during practice opening hours (external doctor with practice next to the hotel)
  • Continuous first aid training for our employees by the Red Cross
We guarantee high quality and reliable security standards
Our family hotel is officially certified for its child-friendliness
First carbon-neutral hotel in Germany

Carbon-neutral hotel

Der Feldberger Hof – als 1. klimaneutrales Hotel Deutschlands, auch in Sachen Umweltfreundlichkeit einfach spitze!

The Feldberger Hof – Germany’s first carbon-neutral hotel: Top when it comes to the environment too!

The Feldberger Hof is not only a top class family hotel, it is also a pioneer when it comes to environmental protection. Its responsibility stems from its location: The Feldberger Hof is located in Baden-Württemberg’s largest nature reserve at an altitude of 1,300 meters. No wonder then that the hotel has been committed to environmental and climate protection for years. In cooperation with ClimatePartner, a strategy consultant for voluntary climate protection, Germany’s highest four-start hotel has now become carbon-neutral across the board.

As part of this integrated commitment, the focus was on extensive renovation efforts which helped to avoid the greenhouse gas CO2 being emitted in the first place or substantially reducing it. For instance, the Feldberger Hof’s previous oil heating was replaced with a modern co-generation power plant fuelled by wood chips and extended to include smart building control technology. These measures led to savings of over 600 tonnes of CO2 as well as 300,000 litres of heating oil.

The wide-ranging climate protection package is rounded out by the hotel’s excellent connections to local transport, the trains and buses are free for our guests, as well as other more minor measures.

Since 1 July 2007, all additional and unavoidable CO2 emissions produced during the operation of the Feldberger Hof have been calculated by ClimatePartner and offset with environmentally valuable emission reduction certificates from recognised and certified climate protection projects.

„In order to become Germany’s first carbon-neutral hotel, we are offsetting around 800 tonnes of CO2 in the coming months,“ explains Thomas Banhardt, Managing Directior of the Feldberger Hof. He continues „Our commitment to climate protection is intended not only to be thought provoking, but also to raise awareness among visiting families and hopefully encourage others to follow in our footsteps.“

The Feldberger Hof as first carbon-neutral hotel in Germany

We have been committed to environmental and climate protection for years. We follow a guideline of prevention, reduction and compensation.

What does it mean to be carbon-neutral?

Companies, products and services are carbon neutral, if their carbon footprint was calculated and offset with emission reduction certificates.

What does climate protection mean for us and how do we participate?

The aim of climate protection is the reduced emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2 and thus limit the greenhouse effect. In the beginning of all climate change activities stands the calculation of the current CO2 emissions, which are caused by a company, product or service. The aim is then to reduce and prevent these emissions. We can then offset unavoidable emissions by investments into internationally recognized climate protection programs worldwide.

What are recognized, worldwide climate protection projects?

Climate protection programs save CO2 emissions, for instance, by building a wind power plant instead of a coal-fired power plant. These savings are tradable – in the form of emission reduction certificates. This mechanism enables the support of sustainable development and prevention of CO2 emissions worldwide. To do so, different types of climate protection projects are implemented – for example: hydroelectric power plants, biomass systems and wind parks, as well as projects for reforestation and forest conservation.

Which specific measures did the Familotel Feldberger Hof take in the last years to reduce their CO2 mmissions?

In the last years, extensive renovations were carried out to update the entire complex of the Feldberger Hof to the newest technical and environment-friendly standards. The power consumption thus decreased considerably with the help of smart building control technologies and other saving measures such as the use of energy-saving lamps throughout the hotel. Additionally, the Feldberger Hof purchases its electricity from the Energie Netze AG, which offer very climate‑friendly electricity compared to other German providers. They gain about 61 % of their power from sustainable energy sources, while conventional electricity providers commonly gain only about 11 % from renewable energies.

Further measures included

  • Installation of a modern cogeneration plant powered by wood chips
  • smart computer-based building control technologies
  • Free public transport for guests
  • Use of regionally sourced products
  • 70 % of our employees live nearby the hotel
  • Electricity from renewable energy sources (water and sun)
  • Thermal insulation at the glass front – 30 % of the heat can thus be retained within the hotel apartments
  • Installation of time switches in the personnel area and throughout all warehouses
  • District heat connection to all buildings
  • Conversion of the lighting systems to EVG-lamps with presence detectors in kitchen and basement areas, hotel hallways and hotel rooms– energy savings of up to 60 %
  • Conversion of light-switches to radio systems in all rooms
  • Updating all general lighting with saver light sources by Osram – energy savings of 30 - 40 %
  • Water boiler with heat recovery
  • Water-free urinals
  • Connection of tumble dryers to the preheating system
  • Water used for cleaning the pool filters is reused as waste water for the public toilets

How much CO2 is currently still emitted by the hotel?

Thanks to the use of green electricity provided by Naturenergie, the hotel’s power consumption currently emits 0 tonnes of CO2. The consumption per night including guests amounts to roughly 6 kg. Usually, 30 to 60 kg of CO2 emissions are caused per guest. The Feldberger Hof neutralizes the “small” remaining but unavoidable emissions of about 700 tonnes by investments into high-quality climate protection projects.