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Snowboard – Come on „Board“!

Bohny Snowpark Feldberg, a freestyle experience many will envy.

This includes several exciting jibs including a Tank in 3 lenghts and 80 cm in diameter! And our 10er jibline is the longest, that you can find in Germany! Here, 6 rails including an 8 m rail with connector and a 6 m industry cannon rail wait for motivated snowboarders!

Additionally, you can find an 8 m straight box, a 6 m industry flat rail and a 7 m industry kink rail, which provide the freestyle pleasure deluxe!

More information at: Snowpark Feldberg

Snowboarding school at the Feldberg: Here, beginners and advanced learners can learn all the tips and tricks
The „Bohny Snowpark Feldberg“ offers the premium freestyle experience
... with jiblines, rails, an 8 m straight box and much more

The Snowboard School for Beginners and Advanced Learners

Whether gliding or surfing, at the snowboard school Feldberg beginners and advanced learners alike learn all the tricks to conquer the slopes and become a pro.

Here we train with the so-called „rocker boards“, which are suited perfectly for all skill levels.

Besides courses for beginners and advanced learners, the professional team of instructors also offers intensive training in private lessons to focus on every participant individually and to improve one’s snowboarding ability as quickly as possible.

Snowboarding is no problem, but you don’t have a board with you? All required equipment is provided on-site, no matter you’re taking classes or not.

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